Material List

Clear Acetate – An ultra clear film providing invisible edge lines and a “no label look”. Gives the illusion that the graphics were printed directly on the container.

Chrome – A mirror-like finish that resembles stainless steel. Excellent material for outdoor use.

Direct Thermal – General purpose thermal paper designed for industrial and weight scale applications.

Estate – Uncoated vellum finish stock ideal for wine, high-end beverage and gourmet food labels.

Foil – Foil paper available in Gold & Silver with a bright or matte finish.

Fluorescent – A neon colored uncoated stock available in red, green or orange. Excellent Ink Receptivity.

Hi-Gloss – A smooth mirror finish gloss stock excellent for high quality label appearance.

Holographic – A shiny silver stock with a rainbow finish throughout.

Inkjet – Special coated high gloss finished stock for multi-color inkjet printing that requires high resolution.

Kraft – Has the look and feel of a brown paper grocery bag. Excellent Ink Receptivity.

Matte Litho – Uncoated, white stock featuring superior smudge resistance. Typically used for shipping or computer pin feed labels.

Polypropylene – A flexible, glossy white film for shampoo and lotion labels. Available in a glossy or matte white finish.

Semi-Gloss – Coated white stock that comes with a permanent, cold temperature adhesive that is FDA approved for outside food applications.

Static Cling – A no adhesive film using static electricity. It is often used for “Oil Change” labels. It is best applied to glass. Available in clear or white.

Tag – A coated tag stock without an adhesive. Both sides of stock can be imprinted. Designed to be used in applications requiring high strength & stiffness, such as hang tags.

Tamper Evident – A stock designed to easily delaminate, showing tamper evidence. It is waterproof, tear resistant and resists temperature fluctuations.

Opaque – A white stock with a black barrier coat applied to backside for added opacity in applications requiring underlying text or graphics to be hidden.

Thermal Transfer – Stock designed with excellent imaging properties for all thermal transfer printers.

Vinyl – 4 Mil Vinyl stock suited for outdoor applications such as a Bumper Sticker.